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Turbo Architecture

During my time at Columbia College Chicago, I participated in a workshop that explored outdated and abandoned Cold War-era Soviet Architecture.  Each member of the workshop choose a small architectural model and was challenged to recontextualize it.  While the process itself was borderline bizarre, the work that was produced is very interesting.  The soft-cover book collecting all the works from participants of the workshop can be purchased HERE.

Statement for Entry:


Book Description
The aim of this workshop, which was led by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, was to produce a series of staged photographic pictures about dormant aspects of iconic, fantastical and abstract architecture proposed in the name of a certain type of social imaginary or collectivity. This was be done by staging and photographing a series of architectural models of monuments identified from the Socialist era around the world as well as volumetric models of projects that Normal Architecture Office (NAO) is doing at the moment. A comprehensive atlas of typologies across the socialist systems is currently being researched by NAO in collaboration with Tyler School of Art and Architecture were explored. Peculiar and strange examples like some unknown monuments from Yugoslavia, seceded Soviet Republics, North Korea and Libya—were under the scrutiny of the studio. Some architecturally known Socialist monuments by Oscar Niemeyer and some other Latin American architects also were represented.”

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