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Ghosts of Istambul

In a workshop with visiting artist Christina McPhee, we were prompted to recall a “defining aesthetic” moment in our lives.  My experience was that of standing in the driveway of the house I grew up in, overlooking the Mississippi River as thunderstorms would roll in from the west.  As the rainfall approached the still-as-glass surface of the river would be disturbed in an ever-encroaching way.

However, the point of the exercise was to re-interpret someone else’s “defining aesthetic moment”.  I was assigned to a classmate who described growing up in Istambul, Turkey, and being told not to stay out too late because the soccer-playing ghosts would come out after dusk.  The kicker was that we were given about 15 minutes to complete our interpretation with whatever materials were available to us in that moment.  Since I was near a computer and had a cache of sound and image files, this became the piece.

Headphones with good bass response are recommended for a penultimate listening experience.

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