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Workshop Brainstorming

As a preliminary assignment for my summer media workshop I have to come up with a very condensed artist statement and a few (loose) ideas of what kind of work I want to make/where I want it to go.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far…


The blurred edges that compose the intersection of art and science are where I find myself at this point in my artistic development. I explore fundamental concepts found in astronomy and quantum physics through experimentation with sound and video in various formats.


1. Explore concepts of deep time and the theoretical non-existence of time.

2. Experiment with sound and video towards the end of further understanding scientific principles found in astronomy and quantum physics.

3. Sonic spatialization. Either by headphone-based listening means or sonic environments/installation works.

4. I want viewers to feel as if they are taking part in the process of discovery and understanding. WHICH MEANS that I have to really nail down the conceptual development…

5. I want to work with forms of interactivity within the installation piece so that people feel that they have some control of what they might “discover”.

6. I want to write to continue development of this conceptual understanding and eventually submit/publish these/those writings along with whatever work I am producing.

7. I want to revisit painting and apply ideas from science to them in ways that move past “that’s a pretty picture of an atom” etc etc. (personal gravity wells)

8. Experimental jazz is also something that I want to get into. I want to incorporate the ideas addressed in the rest of my body of work into the creation of a more musically-based endeavor.

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