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Upon further reflection of photon phenomenon…

There is something interesting happening with the first four shots in the post before this.  When I first looked at them I thought, “Hey that’s interesting…you can see me working!”  Thinking about the fact that the process, or at least the impression of process, is sort of revealed gives this set of photos a bit of a performative quality.  It is an interesting revelation of sorts because performance is an extension or at least in the same category as video, which I’ve also been experimenting with.  They both have to take time and space into account quite literally and theoretically.  Perhaps there are some forms of video expression that I can experiment with to see of they might yield similar results.

While there is this interesting performative element to the small set of photos, the “performance” itself might not be that interesting.  It was improvisational, only deciding a general path or method immediately prior to opening the shutter.  The degree of movements seem to be minimal in scale to that of a similar piece that might be approached as a performance, rather than a photograph.  Again, making certain scales and methods compatible between performance and photography and ending up with similar aesthetic results while maintaining the connections between aesthetic and scientific principles and practice is the challenge.

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