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Trans-Institutional Study!?

As my thesis year draws near I feel compelled to be propelled into the world of academic astronomy.  I feel that my work can benefit from the study of certain methods typically used in the field.  Hopefully the next few weeks will reveal any opportunities to take a summer or fall course in the University of Chicago’s Astronomy department.  They have a very intense array of courses for both undergraduate and graduate studies that seem quite relevant to my process and line of inquiry.  But the great debate for me is why?  I don’t really plan on pursuing a degree in Astronomy right now.  No doubt it will add to my knowledge of stars and the universe, but I’m not even sure that taking just one course in astronomy is going to have impact on my body of work.  Anyway, this current point in my investigation is only to scratch an itch of curiosity but like I said, hopefully this curiosity will yield a fruitful course of study.  At the very least I’m out a thousand bucks for registration…

Here are some of the U of C’s courses I’m looking at.  Some are undergrad (30000 level) and others are graduate level (40000)

45100: High Resolution Imaging; This could really help me with my telescope practices, especially if I can get Max/MSP to work with my telescope!  Not only would it be high-resolution space imaging, but high-resolution space interactivity!  Could be…
32100: Cosmology; An introductory course to the field of, well, cosmology.  It almost seems like the ‘physics for poets’ kind of deal, but for poets who want to be physicists.
41300: Topics in Stellar Astronomy; Study of the stars!!  Not necessarily mapping them but composition, life cycles, magnetic fields, etc.
31300: Extragalactic Studies; What is in between Andromeda and The Milky Way?  Maybe this class could tell me.
48200: Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration; This course will answer the question of the big bang once and for all.
48000: Current Topics in Astrophysics (Graduate)
45200: Primer on the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey)
40600: Gravitational Lensing; Explores the structure of Dark Matter and mass of galaxies.
40300: Structure Formation in the Universe; A special topics course that focuses more in depth on a section that is covered in the next course on my list.
30400: Astrophysics IV;  This course looks at the observed universe by means of studying the cosmological distance scale, the cosmological constant, distribution of matter, evolution of structure, and the universe at high-redshift.  These are all topics that are found in the conceptual framework of my artistic investigations.

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