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Performance in Artificial Space; Notes on “Experiment”

Performance in Artificial Space///Notes on “untitled temporal incursion study” or “IDRC Experiment 240.14” 0:00-0:30 Opening: a white pedestal sits center stage.  Danger tape outlines the ‘experiment area’.  On top of the pedestal sits an aluminum case, the contents of which are not revealed at this time.  No lights are on the pedestal at this point […]

Performance in Artificial Space: Day 2 experiments

More experimenting with Isadora.  The first examples are some simple frame differencing and background subtraction exercises. Another set of “actors” in Isadora are called ‘watchers’, with one for the mouse and one for the keyboard.  In these instances I had the mouse watcher set up to control the positioning and luminosity of the text. These […]

Performance in Artificial Space: Day 1 experiments

The main program we are using in Performance in Artificial Space is Isadora, a very high powered computer vision and visual programming software environment. It was created by Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch performance group. These videos are simple experiments with the movie player and 3d projector actors.

New Item from the IDRC

One of the elements of my thesis project will be performed and developed in the Performance in Artificial Space class, which begins this weekend (holy crap!). THIS is the Transaxiographic Phase Discriminator, a research project out of the IDRC.* *IDRC stands for the Institute for the Department of Research Center.  More on the IDRC to […]

Performance in Artificial Space

There is a big deal class coming up this weekend.  It is called Performance in Artificial Space.  It is the first time it is being offered and is focusing on the use of computer vision and green screen methods to create an interactive/new media performance environment for several students.  At this point it’s anyone’s guess […]

Interactive Media: Switch Research

So one of our first assignments for Interactive Media is to research different types of switches.  So far we’ve looked at magnetic reed switches, tactile switches, rockers, sliders and all sorts of other ones.  Our goal is to find a variety of practical, oblique and esoteric switch designs and present on them.  This is what […]

Interactive Media Ideas

Aside from the usual assignments and experiments with electronics, there is one major thing I’d like to work on this semester in my Interactive class.   This class is essentially  a physical computing class where we will primarily be working with Max/MSP and Ardiuno.  What I’m proposing to do is hack the Uncle Milton Force Trainer […]

Lateral Slipstream (into Thesis)

There are a few directions that this could go.  One of which is a further development of the night sky installation featuring more highly developed interactive elements and sound productions (not to mention the logistics of light powering and placement).  Now I’m not totally opposed to pursuing this option.  It would be a chance to […]

Interarts MFA Candidate Takes on the Universe!

Well, in a manner of speaking…Chicago’s Adler Planetarium is beginning renovation of their Skydome theater this September and I will be there to document it all!  As part of an independent study project, I will be on location throughout the progress of the demolition and reconstruction which expected to be completed May 2011. The Planetarium […]

Thesis Working Bibliography

Working Bibliography Bennett, T. (1995). The Birth of the Museum: History, Theory, Politics. New York, NY: Routledge. Broderick, D. (ed.)(2008). Year Million. New York, NY: Atlas & Co. Brand, S. (1999). The Clock of the Long Now: Time and Responsibility (The Ideas Behind the World’s Slowest Computer). New York, NY: Basic Books. Case, S. (2007). […]

A New Statement for a New Year

A paradox is a strange thing.  Since its existence is defined as a contradictory set of premises there are different ways of interpreting them. The two pursuits of art and science thrive on the paradox.  The former is sometimes concerned with the creation of situations that may lead to or are the direct result of […]

Stragglers… (pt. IV)
August Astrophotos pt. III

Again, I swear Walgreens has no clue as to how to cut negatives.  However, in their defense a machine does it for them….SO I need to scan a bunch of negatives soon.  Watch for an update on not only these shots but of a whole roll of film that somehow slipped past the machine because […]

August Astrophotos pt. II

as the clear skies emerge the lens opens wide all in an effort to capture the night from side to side flashes of light millions of light years away all head straight to a soul, completely held in sway  

August Astrophotos pt. I

Last night after doing some telescope observations I wanted to get a good round of photos to explore some different settings.  I was using a lower speed ISO, which I’m not used to and had some issues figuring the exposure times.  An additional “experimental” factor was presented by reading through my A-1 manual.  It mentions […]

Objects and Observations Additions

More for the NSC catalog.  

Digital Universe Experiments

A few years back software developers at the Hayden Planetarium developed a program called Partiview, which is the access interface to their Digital Universe Atlas.  This is a pretty amazing bit of software where you can essentially fly around the galaxy, picking and choosing what specific features to observe.  It’s really handy if you want […]

Paper for Panel Presentation: Dimensions of the Unattainable

Observational practices in astronomy and cosmology, and by extension the practices in my line of artistic inquiry, reveal a sort of disparity between what is real and what is experiential. This is to say that what is observable and complex phenomena in the universe at large operates at a scale very different to that which […]