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Interarts MFA Candidate Takes on the Universe!

Well, in a manner of speaking…Chicago’s Adler Planetarium is beginning renovation of their Skydome theater this September and I will be there to document it all!  As part of an independent study project, I will be on location throughout the progress of the demolition and reconstruction which expected to be completed May 2011. The Planetarium […]

Physics Performance Experiments pt. II

Walgreens does not know how to run their machines when processing film…or how to deal with wide angle lens…No matter!  Here is another batch of experiments.  

Physics Performance Experiments pt. I


August Light Video Experiments (pt. II)

Presented here are video experiments taken during the performance of physics, which has been a hot topic of conversation as of late.  These videos have been process to reflect the nature of the primary documentation method (35mm).  While these are not necessarily connected to some of the concepts outlined in previous posts, they do present […]

More Revisited Video Works

And a couple of videos from the Visiting Artist Workshop with Srdjan Weiss…

August Video Experiments pt. I
Surface Projection testing

I’ve begun testing some visual polarity experiments and here are the documented results. The projected objects are from my growing catalog of fictional observations, with the exception. The surfaces they are projected onto are paintings depicted lunar surfaces, while still existing in a fictional realm. Without repeating too much of what was said in an […]

Object and Surface [video] Observations

Here is video documentation of the paintings pictured in a (very) previous post.

Object and Surface Observations

Once again this summer I have enrolled in the media workshop, taught by David Jude Greene.  This is an opportunity to experiment with some ideas that have been milling about and hopefully generate some new work.  One thing that I really wanted to get back to this summer was painting, which was a sentiment partly […]

Another Artist Statement. More refined?

I create work that exists in the forms of installation, video, photography, and soundscapes, though none are mutually exclusive.  The drive present in each form is to invigorate a sense of wonder associated with looking at the night sky and imagining what possibilities it holds.  Using principles of the scientific method coupled with my artistic […]