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Interarts MFA Candidate Takes on the Universe!

Well, in a manner of speaking…Chicago’s Adler Planetarium is beginning renovation of their Skydome theater this September and I will be there to document it all!  As part of an independent study project, I will be on location throughout the progress of the demolition and reconstruction which expected to be completed May 2011. The Planetarium […]

CV is the new VR

Computer vision is both the antithesis and logical evolution of virtual or augmented reality.  It could be argued that computer vision IS augmented reality, which is a complex form of virtual reality.  But of course, I can’t just make a claim like that point blank.  Well, I could, but I have to make sure there […]

Panel Brainstorming

As part of a class I’m in called Connected Studio Practices (taught by the chair of our dept, Michelle Citron) we are required to present panel discussions at the end of the semester. These are meant to be open to the public and in the past have generally been well-attended by faculty and peers. Our […]