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More Prints…same results

Last week I had the chance to pull some more proofs from my plates.  Again, the same midtones all over the damn things.  It really looks like its not so much a matter of how the plates are being wiped and printed, but how deep the laser etched them.  The type of plastic also seems […]

Printing! Finally!!

Here are some very rough proofs of the prints I’ve been working on.  Please excuse the sloppy wiping jobs as I was just trying to determine how well the plates actually held ink.  It looks as if there needs to be some more cutting on the laser to get deeper “bites”.  The contrast is way […]

Printmaking (Slight Return)

A few weeks back my advisor, Paul Catanese, asked me to assist in pulling some prints for a project he and Dr. Angela Geary (from Northumbria University in the UK) are working on.  The subject matter is that of hybrid and computer assisted techniques applied to printmaking.  In the words of PC the project is […]