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DGP: CV Experiments [video]

And of course if you’ve been following any progress from my research project last semester, you’ve seen all the photos and notes (here, here, here, here, here and here). But now here is video!

CV is the new VR

Computer vision is both the antithesis and logical evolution of virtual or augmented reality.  It could be argued that computer vision IS augmented reality, which is a complex form of virtual reality.  But of course, I can’t just make a claim like that point blank.  Well, I could, but I have to make sure there […]

DGP Update: Final Thoughts of the Semester

I must say that after all the feelings not “getting anything done” and of being hijacked almost constantly, there is some solid stuff that came out of this semester.  In the past couple of weeks I have been able to setup the system in such a way so that it can be treated as a […]

DGP Update: Final working ideas for the semester

Finally got around to doing another update on my progress.  It has been slow, admittedly, but that’s what happens during the “evaluation” phase.  It does feel good to get some solid ‘performative’ documentation done, to at least show how the damn system works.  To describe what is going on here it should be broken down […]

DGP Status Report

One thing that has set this semester’s progress apart from the last is where I started out. Last semester was where the beginnings of my understanding of computer vision took place. While the whole of the semester was driven towards development a singular method of computer vision control of sound, it was only one of […]

More Computer Vision

Coming off the heels of last semester’s successful project development I find myself pushing the possibilities of a user-controlled room-sized instrument. This time around I am using a second camera to create an XYZ system in which a person can move three-dimensionally to control sound variables. In this design the video feeds from both cameras […]