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Summer Plans (in process)

This week I received my letter notifying me of acceptance into my Thesis year.  As part of my plans towards developing a thesis project I want to be immersed in an environment that is based on hard scientific research and data acquisition.  Hence my pursuit of an independent study at the Adler Planetarium, most likely working out of the Space Visualization Laboratory.  This whole process began because I want to use real astronomical data to generate images and/or sounds.  A while back I posted an idea for a project that would unite Max’s computer vision capabilities with a telescope/ccd imaging device to try and gather data myself.  That process might yield interesting results but learning a specific workflow and methodology to collecting from the Adler folks will be beneficial, whether or not I decide to employ that practice.

At first the U of C Astronomy program looked to be promising but they have not returned any messages in any form on the subject, unfortunately.  It seems they are not open to letting outsiders in…too bad.  The next option was to explore possibilites within Columbia, at the Science and Math Department.  It turns out that there are no astronomers in the program and the courses in astronomy are a bit too basic for my needs.  Then the Adler came up.  As part of a video essay on Space Art I went to interview Mark Paternostro, Art Director at the Adler.  This is the guy responsible for producing the dome shows.  Pretty cool, right?  During the interview we began talking about what the Adler does in terms of research and I mentioned my interest in working for them, with them or just working at their facilities.  Turns out they are pretty open to internships and independent studies.

The next step is figuring out what they want and where I can fit in.  If they want me do to a project for them, I’ll do it as long as there is time to do my own research as well.  Hopefully I can combine this potential research with generate some work, or elements that will contribute to a larger body of work/thesis project.  Everything is in the acreation stage….

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