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Sound Installation: UPDATE!

Update, breakthrough, whatever.  Point is the wall I hit a few months back while developing the Max programming for a sound installation has been torn down.  This is on top of of some mechanical breakdowns on the part of the audio interface.  It is conceivable that this installation could run on 4 speakers, but the whole point was for 8.  Now that the bugs in the patches main components are squashed I can get back into the beef of it.  What’s more is that since I’m sort of rebuilding this one from the ground up I can add in some OSC links between sub-patchers!  This image is that of the components in motion so to speak (minus the top row of signal converters).

And for those of you who want the nuts and bolts, copy and pasting doesn’t work quite right out of the blog so EMAIL ME if you want the parts.

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  1. Luke Hall says:

    Hi Nicholas.

    I found your blog while searching for other creative people using max/msp to realise their ideas, keep up the good work! I just thought I’d let you know that it looks like your compressed max code has been corrupted. You might want to try wrapping it in html “code” tags for it to display properly. I mostly use the MSP side of things but I have dived into Jitter and computer vision on a few occasions.


  2. Thanks for the compliments and the heads up on the patcher. I’m working on updating it so you should be able to copy and paste effectively soon. I’ll post an update when it’s ready.

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