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SketchUp Residency

It’s been a bit since I’ve spent some time updating this site. Things are happening, things are in motion!

Throughout the month of April I’ve been the Artist-in-Residence for the Instagram account Sketchup Residency (please follow!!). It’s been a blast and it’s been exciting to be able to share all the 3D experiments as of late :::

The SketchUp Residency is very excited to announce its April resident @nicholas_sagan Their residency is going to be exploring image making in the context of creating material for a project called “notes for a sci-fi film” wherein they seek to develop a body of work that could potentially be included in a sci-fi film. The particular focus is props, settings and materials and how they all relate conceptually to the genre, in the forms of examination of tropes and construction of meaning through context. #onlineresidency#thesketchupresidency#goingtothemovies #scifi#nicholassagan #digitalspace

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