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I finally found an old data DVD with a bunch of video from a couple years ago on it!  Thanks J9!!

These first few pieces are when I was experimenting with video loops.  The first couple were more experimental and some of whole series were more successful than others, especially #4 because it’s final form was a surround sound installation.  Ideally it would be projected into a circular space with the surround sound pulsing.  The sound was some version of an F chord layered on top of itself to bring out the harmonics.

This next one was an early experiment that lead to the Before We Were installation from the spring of ’09.  The audio is comprised of collected samples from radio astronomy.

Later on, these would surface as part of the same inquiry:

A video experiment that came out of visiting artist workshop with Christina McPhee.  We had to take elements given to us by other graduates in the workshop.  Hale Ekinci told me about how when growing up in Istanbul parents would caution their children about staying out too late because the ghosts come out an night.  Part of the same story made the metaphor of a pomegranate being squeezed…I think…anyway:

And of course, a couple of Google Sketchup videos of some past installations:

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