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Printmaking (Slight Return)

A few weeks back my advisor, Paul Catanese, asked me to assist in pulling some prints for a project he and Dr. Angela Geary (from Northumbria University in the UK) are working on.  The subject matter is that of hybrid and computer assisted techniques applied to printmaking.  In the words of PC the project is “based on our pioneering research applying digitally mediated manufacturing tools, such as laser cutting and computer numeric control milling, with traditional fine art printmaking materials and techniques…”  And as readers of this blog may have noticed, I have some experience with the laser cutter and had a chance to apply it in this process.

In addition, I got my hands back in some ink!  It’s been YEARS since I did any printmaking whatsoever, especially intaglio.  It was really a lot of fun to be in the print studio again (in this case we used the press at CCC’s Center for Book and Paper Arts) and I began another project along these lines.  Again, as previous posts have shown I’ve developed an interest in sustaining the production of a catalog of fictional celestial objects and observations.  One thing, or quality rather, that some of these entries lack is a direct aesthetic tie-in to some of the early methods of observational astronomy.  Sure, I may have mentioned that there are plenty of drawings of objects out there, in fact, there is a rich history of this process (continuing today!) but the one thing that those early astronomers did was ETCH!  That’s right!  They made etchings of their drawings for the purposes of publication.

So all that got me going on my own etching process.  I’ve spent some time working some entries from my catalog into “laser cuttable” files with Adobe Illustrator (it speaks laser cutter speak).  Assisting Paul and Angela was a definitely a primer for these methods and once I get back to the studios in the next week I’m going to start laser cutting some of the images in the gallery below.  Eventually I’ll make it into the print studio and have a nice little portfolio of astroprints by Christmas time!


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