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Previously, on this very blog…

NGC6752_anim1…I’ve mentioned some forthcoming experiments.

I will be taking three cameras with me into the starry night, an HDV, a digital still and my trusty old Canon A-1. The last has proven to be a useful tool in my astrophotography endeavors. The other two, we’ll see.

Hopefully the video camera will be able to capture some of the night sky, at least the glowing planets and the moon. It has a 20x optical zoom which should be able to see stars at a pretty decent magnification. I’m not sure my A-1 zoom lens is even that powerful. I have a tripod with me so I will be able to set the cameras on it at take some time-lapse video and photos of the night sky.

I also have some LEDs that I want to do some time-lapse studies of the constellations on certain nights.  Constellations are 3 dimensional (but really 4 if you count the light years it takes for the light from each star to travel to our eyes) and so I think I have some ideas of how to retrace the networks of stars with the LEDs….maybe there is someway of overlaying both astrophotography and the LED traces.

So I guess some goals will be to study the night sky and the structure of the constellations as they move across the field of view.  I’ve got 10 nights to collect as much material as I can so here’s hoping for clear, crisp nights!

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