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Post-Human//Future Tense//Present Success!

As some of you know, the past few weeks have been pretty busy with this whole show thing I’ve been co-curating with Nic, Michelle and Victoria.  The past week especially has been intense as there are always last minute things with a show that includes multiple projectors, interactive works and monitors.  And don’t get me started on the plexi cases for the sculptures!  Oh me oh my!  Overall it’s been a really positive experience and not only have the artists and jurors been great, the DEPS folks who helped install, Cate and all at the Graduate Office and yes, even our own Interdisciplinary Arts lent a hand with some equipment issues.  But enough of that!  Here is the main description of the show we’ve been blasting all over the place:


As we enter an era where humanness is becoming an antiquated consideration, what will humanism be in the future of cybernetics, networked communications, artificial media saturation and synthetic biology? Post-Human//Future Tense explores this concept through the lens of current graduate students, a contingent who has the unique experience of developing their craft alongside the current technological push. Through the exploration of where technological advancements and digital progress will take society, Post-Human//Future Tense awakens a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive today.

Post-Human//Future Tense features multi-disciplinary and new media works created by national and international graduate students. In addition, new works of scholarship by notable academics in the field will be presented at the opening reception. Curated by Victoria Eleanor Bradford, Michelle Graves, Nicolas Ruley and Nicholas Sagan, graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Arts Department of Columbia College Chicago. Juried by John Manning, Mel Potter and Jason Salavon.


And here are photos from the opening reception! It was a fantastic evening of social sushi! Many of the artists were present as well as grads from multiple new media programs in the Chicagoland area.  Also, here is a link to a review of our show in the Chicago Reader. It’s a bit dense and written like we were putting on some Rocky Horror Indie Pop/Punk show but overall I take the message to be positive.  Keep an eye out because the next couple of phases of this project are just as important as the opening!  Firstly, we are planning on publishing a catalog with all the work along with critical essays by noted academics and writers in the field of posthumanism.  That should be out the next month or so…layout has already begun!  And secondly we are tentatively planning a reading/performance night to showcase the writings and some of the work of the show, hopefully towards the late-middle part of December.  More to come!


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