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PKD and the Transmorphing Dialectic of Quantum Self (Also Known as the Entity Named Thomas)

Philip K. Dick.  Also known as Thomas, although he would argue that these two are the same and do not know it.  Schizo?  Perhaps.  Prophet?  We’ll see.  Prec0g?  Evidence makes it seem likely, although singular in source.  But holy shit man.  If you have never read PKD I’m am urging you to do so soon.  I first read his work a few years back after and had seen the movie versions of some of his stories many times before (Total Recall, Paycheck, Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report).  There was also a movie called Waking Life that discussing some of what he talks about in his lecture called ‘Man, Android and Machine’.  In that lecture he talked about how he had a particularly vivid dream while working on a novel.  In it his character experiences some event that actually happened to PKD 4 years later.  He was astounded by this synchronicity and recounted to his priest, who was even more so!  Why, you ask?  Because what PKD was describing and what he had written was almost exactly a story from the Book of Acts, the 5th section of the New Testament.  Now PKD had never read or even heard about this book.

That experience, much like many others (which could also be called thought experiments), led him to believe in some pretty intense ideas about what reality actually is.  Now, I’m in no way shape or form saying that I believe what he is saying in the way L. Ron Hubbard’s followers did…BUT there are some things he puts forth that now have some scientific ground on which to stand.  He has stated that he was looking to a few different religions to gain any insights as to what reality (and God) ultimately are and figured that we are all existing in a projection of the mind of the Cosmos (that which contains all knowledge…called ‘Braham’ in Hinduism, I believe).  From that he considered reality something of what he called a ‘laser hologram’, which was pretty high-tech stuff in the 70’s.

But more recently quantum physicists have postulated a theory that because information (atoms, molecules, DNA, etc) is all determined at the quantum level.  (Before I go too much further, there is a book called The Holographic Universe which talks about the science of these ideas…count these parenthesis as all the steps in logic and theory between the last and next sentences) So because information is all encoded, so to speak, at the quantum level and projects the actualities of those fluctuations, all reality we know of is essentially a hologram.  So was PKD right???  There is also another idea that deals with a lot of what he talks about, the Quantum Mind.  Those ideas might also explain his thoughts a little better.  But all of these are more or less outlined in ‘The Shifting Realities of Philip K Dick‘, which contains many of his lectures and previously unreleased materials.

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