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Performance in Artificial Space; Notes on “Experiment”

Performance in Artificial Space///Notes on “untitled temporal incursion study” or “IDRC Experiment 240.14”


Opening: a white pedestal sits center stage.  Danger tape outlines the ‘experiment area’.  On top of the pedestal sits an aluminum case, the contents of which are not revealed at this time.  No lights are on the pedestal at this point but…

Behind center stage is a large projection screen, slightly angled down to face to the pedestal.  On the center screen the audience sees what looks like a control room (CR) from a surveillance pov.  There are people with headsets sitting in chairs looking at monitors.  Along side the center image are other frames (not to be revealed yet), one showing the performance space (CN) from overhead and another showing another view from the within the CR.

Communications within the CR are heard/observed as a single cool spotlight illuminates the pedestal and thus the peripheral screens.  Communications can be heard between CR and CN as performer enters space.


CR and CN room chatter about object on pedestal and how best to proceed (precede? Ha!).  CR asks CN to hold still during remote calibration process.  CR “glitches”, giving the audience a clue about the broken symmetry.  Performer notices and remarks but instance gets passed off.


“Experiment” commences with narration of process provided by CN with commentary by CR.  Communications begin to break down towards 2:15 and elements from beginning of performance begin to cycle; CR chatter but performer already in (dark) space.  Lights up and CR surprised to see performer “already to go”.  Performer says something is wrong but CR, “We’ve got a timeline to stick to.  If we don’t get this experiment done today we’ll lose our chance for continued funding.”  Experiment cycle continues, with further degradation.  Side screens begin to playback previous 2 minutes with performer mimicking (but degrading).


Experiment cycles back on itself again, with continued degradation and feedback/layering.

5:30/6:00, depending on improvised time manipulation

Performance ends/winds down into complete confusion, perhaps with a “lab coat” clone entering and yelling “Stop!”.  Maybe.

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