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Onward to the epoch of stars beginning…

I’ve been wrestling with the problem of cultivation of meaning within some of these scientia-aesthetic phenomena.  For instance, it is entirely possible to create a piece that deals with very solid concepts and is executed with absolute technical precision.  Yet, if there is a intended meaning how does it not get lost in the production?  How is that meaning retained?  It seems to be more of a question of adaptability rather than sheer impact or resonance of an idea.  Actually, resonance is appropriate to the idea of meaning and adaptability.  How is resonance defined?  It incorporates positive feedback when it is amplified and both negative and positive feedback when sustained.  In this case, there is always a little bit more one way, depending on the decay of the sustain.  But resonance is really a building up of something, of finding one specific quality and enhancing it.  It can be the revealing a singular moment encased within a context of overwhelming complexity.

But with resonance we must take the system into account, for there can be no resonance without a resonator.  In order for meaning in a piece of art to be considered impactful or successful (of having resonate qualities) it must be considered that the aesthetic system incorporates not only the technical development, the formal output and the environment in which it is placed but also the viewer.  Which really gets to the issue of how heavy handing (or stubborn!) one can be with the “intended meaning” in any given piece of art.  The system must be balanced so that the ‘resonance frequency‘ is not dampened by any other part and finds manifestation in the veiwer, the ultimate location for a cultivation of meaning from an aesthetic experience.  All of the constituent elements must work in accord with one another and not take focus away from the actual experience.  Its like cooking; cumin by itself tastes like shit (to me anyway).  But add it in to a mix of something that compliments it and wow!  Magic!

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