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! courses for SPRING 2013 !
New Media: Crash Course
taught by Nick Briz!
This introductory course focuses on screen-based new media works, their historical contexts, their specific aesthetics and theoretical concerns. Students gain an understanding of the emerging culture and historical antecedents of new media. Interactive, network and web-based technologies are introduced from the perspective of media art making. New media works are screened, discussed and demonstrated.
Prerequisite: FVNM 2000 or ARTTECH 2101 and Co-requisite FVNM 2101.
Systems, Codes & Spaces
taught by Nicholas Sagan!
Systems, Codes & Spaces critically introduces the art of nonlinear media art via an understanding of its historical and theoretical trajectories. Students view and analyze structurally a variety of works in the mediums of video, installation, interactive media, new media and experimental 3D. Readings drawn from Jack Burnham, Pamela Lee, and Edward Shanken are discussed to assess the contemporary state of the field. Students must enroll in FVNM 2100 New Media: Crash Course simultaneously as a corequisite.
Prerequisite: FVNM 2000 or ARTTECH 2101, and Co-requisite FVNM 2100.
and required for all students pursuing New Media Art
in Film, Video, New Media & Animation @ The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
New Media: Crash Course, FVNM 2100
taught by Nick Briz!
FRI 9 AM – 4 PM
Systems, Codes and Spaces, FVNM 2101
taught by Nicholas Sagan!
WEDS 6 – 9 PM
CONTACT INSTRUCTORS for ENROLLMENT by permission of instructorNMCC_SCS_03

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