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IDRC (Institute for the Department of Research Center)

Tentative Mission Statement: The IDRC (Institute for the Department of Research Center) is committed to the development and implementation and documentation through the means of empirical methodology and rigorous testing and experimentation.

Artifact: Trans-temporal Phase Module, displayed as “object from and of the future”, possible interactivity?, video documentation of “testing” from Performance in artificial Space course.  Item will function as a prop for performance and installation object for Thesis…potentially.  If the performance goes really well it might be something to refine and repeat for Thesis in the spring.  Otherwise its an element of a much larger effort (IDRC)

Station: A learning station with multiple “kid-oriented” activities that are more sci-fi/fake than scientific. Magnet mustache toy, slightly altered, perhaps a “gravitational realignment device”.  My Wooly Willies are on the way.  A sign posted saying the “science expert” or station attendent will be back in twenty-five minutes…perpetually.

Artifacts: Paintings of surfaces. “A satellite we sent out of the solar system in 1982 returned a series of compelling images. Unfortunately, the primary and secondary storage facilities that were home to the hard drives on which the information was stored were both damaged in the last bombardment of solar wind. However, one of our satellite technicians happened to have a ‘photographic’ (insert scientific term here) memory as well as considerable skill as a painter and reconstructed several of the images including close to 92 % of the actual geological items.

Docent/Guard: Stops people from “getting too close or too deep”…

More for Performance in Artificial Space:

Must get a lab coat for performance with box!  Side effect of device usage: bleeding nipples.  They show up towards the end of the performance.  Presenter is a representative of IDRC, not necessarily PR or the “public face” of IDRC, rather a spokesperson from in-house, someone who has had hands-on experience with running tests on this device.  Rep can also speak to some other projects…

What is this box called?  Name changes each time its uttered (like Richard Lewis’s mole in Robin Hood: Men in Tights)  Some Examples:  Trans-temporal Spatial Phase Modulator;  Transaxiographic Phase Discriminator; Kairographic Axiometer; Trans-temporal Phase Module; Transaxiographic Phase Kairometer; All of these have to use the various prefixes and suffixes in combination:  trans-, kairo-, chrono-, axial-, axio-, -graphic, phase, module, apparatus, -meter, -temporal, -spatial, oscilli-, -ometer.  Whatever else…

Interactive module could be have buttons and whatnot all over the inside, lights that go blip-bleep, etc.  I could even install a Wii remote on the inside so the whole box functions as the controller for the video/sound/etc.  As for the performance environment in which it will be used, I was thinking of recreating something akin to the installation Nic, Mary and myself mounted last fall.  The sheets of plastic could fill the room, the Wii remote could control timing and chroma effects.  I would also like parts of it to trigger recordings of the space/people in the space from before my performance.  That way it “proves” that it is a temporal-phase device…and the past is always more valid than the future, right?

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