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new thread video work

ive recently been thinking of ways to combine my hobby of scale modeling with my artistic practice and this line of inquiry seems to have the potential to do just that. last summer i collected a ton of footage during the chicago air and water show and was struck by the welcomed visceral reactions of the crowd…in direct opposition to the most unwelcome effect that these same jets + technology have on war-torn communities. the spectacle present in these types of airshows is similar to that found in the theater of war. granted, there are some components of these airshows that are designed to showcase the particular talents of stunt pilots, but by and large the main attractions come out of the military-industrial complex and the cold-war mentality of the display of military might. more than the idea of glorifying war its about this tendency towards hypocrisy with technology that is designed towards an aggressive act.

teasing those layers out of this video footage (and other airshow footage) is something that i think i can run with and connect to my model practice…the fascination with the scaling down of this military power to something that can be held in your hand represents many of the same attitudes that bring rise to the spectacle of the airshow. more to come as these thoughts progress…

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