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More Phantoms!

More photographs and text added to the Untitled Collaboration page, or Phantoms, as it’s been nicknamed.  I will most likely still edit some of the description and add the theoretical background at some point in the near future.

A little background: the piece came out of a course called Space and Place, where the classmates were encouraged to collaborate on various installations based upon common interests.  From my end, I was mainly interested in the forms and mass that can be created by light and shadow.  The initial inspiration came from a late-night drive on a foggy interstate where the headlights from oncoming traffic would cast these amazing dynamic shadows which would then move through the fog, much like this image.

This is very much a project that I would like to revisit, both in terms of the level of technological development and the theoretical background.  I also feel that this piece might benefit from further interactive development…

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