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Modelgamation #1

I’ve recently been exploring scale modeling in an art context and there are a few different threads to follow. One of them is taking the idea of the post-Cold War mentality of the air show and expanding it’s paradox into the modeling world. In this instance I’ve been collecting boxes of junk model kits and parts and re-assembling them into sculptural objects. What follows is the first experiment in the series. The idea is to break apart the form of the war machine into it’s modular parts. Part of the fascination with air planes is the stream line shapes and colorful markings, especially with the case of air show paint patterns. Doing this recalls to an extent the fact that they are just machines and constructions of meant for war. Painting them in colorful metallics alludes to the trophy-ness of the art object and in this case is a deconstruction of the process of idolization…

I’ve uploaded a gallery of the first object to a new section under the experimental header.

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