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Messin’ With Structure

Sort of…I’ve been re-organizing some of these webpages, mostly under the interdisciplinary categories. There are a number of projects that are still in the experimental phase so I thought it would make sense to create a 2nd-tier structural placement for those. One of the sub-tiers from that is this page: http://www.nicholassagan.com/experiments/maxmsp-documentation/, where I’ve just updated it to included some MaxMSP + Isadora experiment documents. Now, before you go all “that not experimental!!”, realize that I said experiments to be used as a practical descriptive, not a qualitative or formal categorization. The nature of a lot of my work is experiment driven and could therefore be considered experimental…but the bit of heated fact that melts away that ice is that I seek to create something formally + aesthetically consistent at the end of the day. 

So good night.

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