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Mall of America: A Toll Free Audio Exhibition

I just submitted an audio piece (excerpt from Before We Were) to:

Mall of America: A Toll Free Audio Exhibition

An open call, user sourced, toll free audio exhibition curated by Elizabeth Lamb, presented by PLACE Gallery PDX

Submissions will be accepted October 20 – November 25, 2012, as the show will accumulate through its duration.

About Mall of America
Mall of America is an exhibition that asks how user sourced audio can position a dialogue around the intersection of commerce and community. Using Bloomington, Minnesota’s famous megamall as its title, this audio exhibition will explore definitions of mall as meeting place, as establishment, and as homage to 1990’s ideals, against the backdrop of our current social and economic state.

Visitors will experience the exhibition by dialing a toll free phone line, on display at PLACE Gallery, Portland, Oregon. On the receiving end, an artist directory will guide the caller through the listening experience. Exhibition content will be made available to visitors from the phone line 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the run of the exhibition. Callers will be invited to contribute recordings to the voicemail messaging system. Visitors are encouraged to call back regularly to hear new work, as content will accumulate over the course of the show.

More: http://placepdx.tumblr.com/

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