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Leaning Into Quantum Time (a primer)

Theories exist right now that view Gravity as a particle, or Graviton.  No, not the GraviTRON, the thing you see at state fairs that spins really fast and pins you against a wall (which is fun by the way…).  The Graviton particle. It is postulated that this particle is what mediates gravity.  The current state of physics can understand what gravity does, just not what it is. How unfortunate.  Oh, by the way, for those of you who are thinking of the Higgs Boson, I’ll talk about that at another time.  All this Graviton stuff is leading to something else.  SO if you are familiar with quantum gravity please skip to the “HERE”…

I imagine it sort of like static electricity.  When something, say your hand or a shirt fresh from the dryer, is statically charged and comes in close contact with a negatively charged object, there is a form of electric attraction.  Your hand on a door handle after walking down a carpeted hallway.  Zap.  Or the hair on your head and body when it comes close to that charged article of clothing…

Instead of the electroweak atomic bonds being manipulated we dig deeper and suppose that there are gravitons being exchanged between objects.  An interesting example is this: in the near vacuum of space, far from any celestial body, right smack in the middle of the universe between two galaxies, we find to basketballs drifting.  They are relatively close together, say a few feet at this point.  But as time “goes on” they begin to drift closer and closer to each other and eventually they will find a common center of mass and orbit each other (providing they are the same relative mass).  These two objects exert a gravitational force upon each other.  That force is theorized to be the exchange of particles.  So the larger somethings mass is, the more gravitons it exchanges with another object, say the Earth on the Moon and the Sun on the Earth and the black hole at the center of our galaxy on all the matter within…

But this is an infinitely complex system of particle exchanging we’re talking about here.  As long as an object has mass it exchanges gravitons.   Jupiter, the second largest object in our Solar System, exerts a mass on all other onjects in the solar system, just as every other thing does.  There are some oddities in this system, though, places where there are specific gravity loops or resonances where all the gravitational forces cancel out.  These are known as LaGrangian Points L1-L5 and can be found in all gravitationally complex systems (see here).

HERE (if you are skipping from above)

When you are working on a project or watching a movie or really into whatever is before you do you ever have the feeling of being sucked into it?  I literally mean the physical sensation of being pulled towards the area of your focus.  I feel it right now as I type this.  Could this be the exchange of gravitons???  Could gravitons exist and be exchanged as ideas???  Could ideas be the exchange of gravitons?????

I have a certain view of the world in which everything has an effect on everything else.  There are some metaphors that can help to describe this.  Ideas or situations can be considered “heavy”, right?  People and things can be said to have a sphere of influence, right?  Ideas can be said to have weight, right?  So what if this is literally true?  What if ideas really do produce the exchange of gravitons?  If a person’s physical being has mass it can gravitationally effect other objects of mass around it.  Our perceptions of that influence are in effect blocked out by the mass exertion of gravity on us by our planet and star, etc.

Visually it can represented by overlapping circles, like so:


So although some “spheres of gravitational influence” do not directly overlap others, they can exert some force on a sphere either from a distance or by beginning a chain reaction of sorts.  The propagation of ideas also depends on the flexibility and fluidity of these gravitational spheres.

So I really haven’t got to this whole notion of Quantum Time yet, have I?  Oh, well.  Next post I guess.

Let me just drop this first: Kairon and Chromeon.  After reading the above you should have a pretty good guess as to what these could be…

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