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IDRC TMD Test.01 (test)

So I’ve spent quite a bit of time working out the kinks to this whole Max/Wiimote thing. It’s been a lot of fun figuring out all this stuff. I do have to say that Bluetooth technology is really not that reliable when applied in this manner. In fact, it causes way more frustration than anything (par for the course, though).

Anyway, so the Wiimote provides a lot of functionality when all the buttons, etc are connected. In this patch the plus and minus buttons toggle the metro (what plays the video) and dac (what plays the sound). Good when you want to start and stop something remotely. The A button is setup to be the audio track ‘reset’ button, meaning it takes the counter back to track 1. The left and right arrows navigate through a sound bank of pre-loaded audio files. The acclerometer data feeds right into the video scrubber, shown in an earlier post.

In the most recent version of this patch I’ve incorporated a second Wiimote to control certain aspects of the audio modulation. Stay tuned for that video demo…

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