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HATCH Residency Award!

I just received word that I’ve been selected for this year’s Chicago Artist Coalition HATCH Projects Residency! Woot woot! I am quite excited about this not only because it presents exhibition opportunities but also because it will be a chance to work with a curator and some pretty outstanding artists. More to come as the projects develop!

Here is a list of the other participants:

1.Noelle Allen
2. Jessica Bardsley
3. Victoria Bradford
4. Jesse Butcher
5. Theodore Darst
6. Charles Evans
7. Kristina Felix
8. Brent Fogt
9. Amber Ginsburg
10. James Green
11. Rebecca Hamlin Green
12. Kasia Houlihan
13. Jordan Martins
14. Christopher Meerdo
15. Ryan Miller
16. Johana Moscoso
17. Jake Myers
18. Kristin Nason
19. Rebecca Parker
20. Mothergirl Performance
21. Nicholas Sagan
22. Matthew Schlagbaum
23. Hoyun Son
24. Latham Zearfoss

Just as a tease, I recently picked up an Xbox Kinect camera to begin some more computer vision+instrumentation experiments.

4 Responses to HATCH Residency Award!

  1. Emily Lenz says:

    That’s great, Nick! Congratulations!!

  2. nicholassagan says:

    Thank Em!

  3. Thanks for making this list, looking forward to working with you soon!

  4. nicholassagan says:

    Right on James! Good times ahead!

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