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Hallway Update

I’ve FINALLY got the hallway sound installation running within acceptable parameters!  Of course, I still want to tweak it a bit because of a few reasons.  One of which is that the sounds tend to hang out in a single position throughout the duration of the sample, meaning that you don’t get to hear it move through the hallway.  One way to alleviate that could be reducing the timing of the locator triggers, which is easy.  Another way, which I’m not sure I want to dig into at this point, is creating a sound bank in Max that plays each sample reeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyy slowly.  But then the pitch is shifted.  I really like using the Rewire object connected to Reason because it gives me the option of controlling the attack, decay and resonance of each midi channel (or group of sounds).  Cranking each of those dials to the maximum values makes the sounds hang out for a while, but still doesn’t make the movement visible….

Either way, it’s up and running for now (within acceptable parameters).  But back to work….

UPDATE/EDIT:  Instead of doing the whole internal Max sound bank thing I’ll be trying the CNMAT newrev~ object, inserted before the dac~.  It’s essentially an infinite reverb.  That should make the sounds hang out a little longer, no?  I also need to do volume testing to see how loud it gets during the day.  In theory, a timer could be made that would adjust the volume based on time of day/periods of activity…OR I could put sensors in the hallway that could boost the volume everytime some enters the hallway!!

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