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Found note…

I found a little note to myself today. It was in a book called Time, by Eva Hoffman, which is a fascinating historical and cultural investigation into time. Really more of a philosophical inquiry rather than a cultural commentary, though…Still, here is the note’s text:

“time folds in on itself; different temporal states can exist simultaneously and fold in on one another; subatomic dimensions of time resonate at certain variable frequencies, rather, the particles of time spin at those frequencies and when multiple particles adjacent to each other begin to resonate at the same frequency, time ‘folds in on itself’; a more or less permanent structure emerges in lattice form because whole groups of these particles of time are aligned with one another, creating a positive feedback resonance loop; when this happens time folds in on itself to create what we define as a moment; this resonant alignment can also be described as the collapse of the wave function, a point at which all possibilities fold into a common reality; this resonant alignment could be an underlying force that governs the true nature of reality”

So that’s where my head goes when it’s not here…

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