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DGP Update: Final Thoughts of the Semester

I must say that after all the feelings not “getting anything done” and of being hijacked almost constantly, there is some solid stuff that came out of this semester.  In the past couple of weeks I have been able to setup the system in such a way so that it can be treated as a fairly responsive performative instrument.  This realization and development came about once again because of that drive to document, this time in the form of video “phrases”.  It is the documentation of a process that can yield product and while it may not be a “finished and presentable” work, it is something that can be discussed as a process of research and evaluation.

The resulting video clips not only show the basic functionality of EyeCon and Max in terms of ‘this is what this does’, ‘that is what that does’, etc; it begins to showcase the performative qualities of it all.  The marker trick was a start, but it was more of an automatic/responsive setup rather than interactive.  Once more levels of control were introduced it took more than a marker to really get the system going, hence, human involvement and interaction.

Earlier the rolling marker trick was mentioned and what is funny about that is that it was one of the more simple functions of the program! I felt a little guilty showing that to my colleagues because it was like the “thumb detachment” trick.  This isn’t to denigrate the intellectual capabilities of those who saw the trick; it’s just to say there is so much more the program can do that I wasn’t showing them.  This was mostly because while I knew what was possible with the program, I hadn’t yet reached the level of competency with it to be able to show how to control the Granular Synthesis or other modulations could perform.

Now, that is not the case.  The marker trick has been extended to be a pitch and volume trick where a human element is necessary for the thing to work.  This is, of course, more the direction I wanted to go with this whole project because eventually I would like to either a) conduct some sort of performance with others or just myself or b) install the system in a space that makes the viewer the performer.  Attempting the latter is the larger challenge because it opens up more problems such as addressing how many people can activate the space, or what ‘object’ controls what, what kind of space will this be in (star fields???) and more…

Luckily, I will have this summer to continue to develop the system even further by introducing more dynamic fields to track multiple objects’ qualities and possible incorporate a form of musical performance into it (I’m thinking computer vision and experimental jazz…).  Already this seems feasible if there is a way to record an instrument, feed that sample into Granular Synthesis, then use EyeCon to track motion to recreate and modulate that sound…

So, if there is any one thing that this semester has taught me, it is that I need to MAKE TIME FOR MYSELF TO WORK.  That goes along with learning how to say NO at the appropriate times.  Doing this will make sure work gets done and that I feel good about it.

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