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DGP Update: Back from ill-defined Hiatus?

Ill-defined is the way to put it.  You know, things get busy and re-prioritizing happens.  While I haven’t been making work, per-se, out of all these computer vision experiments, I have been making progress in what could be called the ‘evaluation phase’.  EyeCon is way more versatile than I had originally thought and I am now layering more and more elements for finer control.  It’s really a matter of being able to read the program you are working with and its harder to get to that point of legibility with certain programming environments.  Its a breeze with others, though…like Max.  EyeCon is a bit clunky but it can do some cool stuff.  I’ll be posting some photos soon of screenshots with descriptions of the functions.

This whole thing really does have wicked potential.  For starters and what I think I can get working by the end of the semester is a way to have sound “follow” a person within a space.  This goes back to a video piece from a couple years ago where actors were playing out different elements of a soundtrack and interacting appropriately.  Getting the sound to move with the viewer is something interesting; it creates a kind of fictional echo.  Another thing that I’ve come across with the project is that if you point the camera to a naked surface and draw on it, you can generate sounds or modulations depending on the object or field in use.  Kinda wild.

But all this stuff ties in with the “phasing” project by way of disembodied echo.  What does it mean when there sonic movement triggered by something out of phase?  Even the term phasing is form of modulating in the sound world.  (Think the opening riff from “Teenage Wasteland”)  Anyway, I’m still jazzed about the potential of this project despite the lack of “product development”.  There will still be a neat presentation at the end and I’ll have a whole other set of tools at my disposal…

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