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Another revision to an ongoing process…

IE: A new Artist’s Statement

Early phases of my work represented here consist of paintings and prints.  As the phase closes on more recent works the subject matter of visual structure and abstract compositional elements became the focus.  Architectural renderings and abstractions became highly interesting and rewarding for me because of their inherent visual structures.  In the more abstract works I would extract elements from multiple sources and recompose them to create a new space.

Working with the spatialization of elements led me to look at outer space and it’s constituent elements.  There are, of course, the visible elements to be investigated and abstracted, as I have experimented with visual and video form, but also what can be interpreted as sonic elements.

While this current phase of work is in development there are consistent themes.  Scientific inquiry, mainly in Astronomy and Quantum Physics, have become by inspiration and sources to gather material from.  Some works have sonic elements while some are experiments with the structure of matter on different scales.  I am currently working with Max/MSP and Reason to develop programming specific to each iteration of this continuing body of work.  Of course, some are more low tech than that, too…

The meta-questions I wish to keep exploring have to deal with the role of aesthetics in science and vice-versa.  Or rather, how can the value systems of each field become integrated and understood in terms of one another?  How can results from a purely-data gathering scientific experiment be aesthetically pleasing?  How can the aesthetic process be treated as science?  There is a multitude of continuing questions for once one is answered, 10 more take it’s place.

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