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Another Incarnation…

This time it is an extension of the sound installation I completed during a sound class last spring.  Max/MSP was used to control samples from my celestial sounds library at random intervals.  Running at the same time was a XY coordinate volume control system for a quadraphonic speaker array.  As each sound was triggered on the locator would move the sound across the XY space.  All the while the sounds were being played a looped video sequence of abstracted imagery resembling deep space objects was projected onto a large wall.

The current version of this piece has been stripped down to the audio control components in Max/MSP.  In order to beef the project up a bit I submitted a proposal to Space Heaters, a division of Columbia’s Campus Environments Office, and won a $1500 grant.  Out of that budget I was able to purchase materials to construct 8 small speaker boxes with 20w amps driving car speakers.  The location of this installation is the 2nd floor hallway of 916 s Wabash.

One the conceptual drivers for this version was to experiment with extending the time scale of the original.  By placing the speakers in a long hallway and by expanding the timers designed to trigger and move the sounds, I am able to create a much more subtle effect.  It is in theory possible for a sound to take days or even weeks to migrate from one end of the hallway to another!  Here is the layout:

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