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Another DGP update.

This week I’ve furthered the level of complexity of the optical theramin. In this case I’ve been able to get the OSC signals from the PC to the Mac. Once the data gets to Max I am able to control it to a higher degree. The keyboard ‘line’ is still present but there is now a volume control that works off the size of a moving blob (me, in this case). When I spread my arms the blob gets larger and the volume level raises. It’s another step in the right direction. I’ve also begun to look at some of the more intense sound capabilities in Max/MSP such as the ‘noise~’, ‘newrev~’, and ‘peakamp~’ objects. Gotta say its a lot of fun and here are some pictures of the space I’m working in.


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  1. john sagan says:

    Nicholas Anthony! My jaw drops. You continue to amaze me!

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