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An Inquiry In Experimental Stellar Cartography

So the last round of photos were meant as a purely exploratory process within the parameters of my current system of study and experimentation.  While I am very satisfied with the results as ends in-of-themselves there is more that can be done with the content.  I lot of why I wanted to explore astrophotography in conjunction with LED time-lapse experiments was to study the constellations and asterisms in a different manner, some method that takes their multi-dimensionality into account.  Some friends and colleagues have remarked that the star/LED shots resemble some form of interstellar trail charts or shipping lanes of sorts.  Considering these comments led me to incorporate my interest in maps (and cartography in general) into the content of these images.  Hence, the term ‘Experimental Stellar Cartography’.

Using Google Sketchup (a 3d environmental simulation tool generally used for architectural modeling) I was able to impose 3-dimensional elements and parameters to a photo taken earlier this month.  This is, of course, another experiment leading towards the development of some larger project (currently in initial thought phases).  Once I go out and take some more solid photos of specific constellations I should be able to superimpose the distance to each composite star, albeit on a much smaller scale.  For example, the constellation Lyra is home to Vega, 27 light years away to Lyra Sheliak (I think) which is close to 800 light years away.


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