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An August Jove

Last night on a whim I busted out my Celestron NexStar GT110.  The moon, as easy a target as it was, is always a welcome site!  Many of the friends we were with had never seen it in such detail so it was a joy to see such excitement!  The August 1st moon was (and is) in the waning process and we were able to focus in on the craters at the edge.  One friend even remarked, “Wow.  We really are just flying around on a bunch of balls…”  The next easiest target was Jupiter, which is always an even friendlier site than the moon.  Last October I managed to wrangle in some shots with it’s four Galilean moons so I thought I could try it again.  Here is that shot:

This year I was able to set up the tracking motors on the telescope properly and adjust the camera using a higher ISO.  Much to our surprise, we found that the four Galilean moons were in alignment!  Not only were they all occupying the same elliptical, they were all on the same side!!  This was a first for me since I am very much an amateur astronomer, but it was the first many of our friends had even seen Jupiter in this way!  It’s a great way to bring in August!

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