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A New Statement for a New Year

A paradox is a strange thing.  Since its existence is defined as a contradictory set of premises there are different ways of interpreting them. The two pursuits of art and science thrive on the paradox.  The former is sometimes concerned with the creation of situations that may lead to or are the direct result of conflicts both internal (emotional) and external (political, etc).  The latter is primarily concerned with uncovering and then deciphering paradoxes, ranging from quantum non-locality to the measurement problem.  Regardless of how either of these methods deals with any paradox, the end goal is one in the same: to gain insight into the workings of reality.

The artist and the scientist both approach the study of reality by their various methods and ultimately add new ideas and forms to it.  To engage in either is to participate in the construction of reality.  But there is a trick.  Everyone that comes into contact with these additions must trust them to be true.  So how does the artist or scientist go about constructing trustworthy elements of reality?  How do we define what is real in light of this and how do we engage a healthy skepticism about our world?

It is the intention of my work to explore how one can use parallels found in both art and science to explore these questions.  Artistic processes can borrow some of the visual and theoretical languages found in observational astronomy and quantum physics to construct new interpretations of old data.  Those commonalities also lead to the development of new forms and ideas, which may or may not exist as far as a general sense of what is real goes.  But they do exist, just not as what they may appear to be due to the context in which they are placed or by the means in which they are made.

While none of these questions may ever be answered, which is a calculated risk, it is conceivable that through the consideration of them that reality is ultimately revealed.   At that moment, all of the old paradoxes that art and science have both explored will wash away to reveal a new set of questions and directions to explore.

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