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A Modulation of Vocabulary

Earlier when I was discussing the theorhetical concept of quantum time I brought up the terms ‘kairon’ and ‘chromeon’.  At the time of my earlier exploration I had a suspiscion that a quanta of time had already been theorized.  My purpose in dividing the quanta of time into two separate particles was based on different ways we experience and interpret time.  The term ‘kairon’ I would like to keep open to discussion and further the development of a theory, however mathmatically improbable.

The term ‘chromeon’ is was misleading.  Flat out wrong.  My mistake was with the letter ‘m’.  The use of that letter instead of ‘n’ leads down a different path, that of quantum chromodynamics, or sort of a color-coded way of understanding forces that act between quarks and gluons (the bits that make up protons and neutrons).

The correct term for the proposed quanta of time is CHRONON.  There really isn’t a whole lot of explaination about it.  There are, however, some theorhetical frameworks exist in which models of the chronon have been conceived.  See CHRONON.

More to come.

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