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[outer] Scan

What began as a series of image making experiments culminated in a small sub-set of inquiries within the larger scope of my practice. The larger output of this effort was featured at the Chicago Artist Coalition in a show titled The Terrestrial, Celestial and the Imagined Inbetween, in conjunction with other newly created works. This body of work also produced several large-scale prints of these works were included in a group show, titled Out There, shown at Columbia College Chicago’s Arcade Gallery as well as another show at the Chicago Artists Coalition, called Dark Matter.

The inception of this ongoing series ties closely with the NSC Archive. Much of the observable cosmos is mediated through technologies that render any image of it’s contents susceptible to reverse engineering, so to speak. High resolution (4000px x 6000px @ 1600+dpi) were made of salt, sugar, other kitchen powers and debris arranged to mimic imagery of deep space. The various textures and sizes of the particulates were used to represent an approximation of scale and depth to the scans. While many of the scans exist as full pieces in of themselves, the bulk of this project was focused on manipulating smaller areas of each image to build a composite image representing a long view of a galaxy. Extreme magnification, subtle cropping and considered arrangements were employed to create a final installation piece that mimicked the composite images released publicly by space administrations.

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