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Constant Visitations

2014-5, video projection, mylar, 2-channel audio, 8 min

Since the Apollo 17 mission left the surface of the Moon in 1972, we’ve relied solely on remote instrumentation and optics for data to further develop our experience of the extra-terrestrial. Our experience is mediated through technologies and mass media; there’s been no direct “feet on the ground” experience. Having people physically present on the Moon was a highly valuable cultural learning experience. The imagination of millions were ignited with thought of the mere possibility that they, too, could be there. Forty-two years later that desire has been diminished in part due to our over reliance on the imaging technologies. People say, “If you can land on the Moon you can do anything.” This thinking highlights the focus on the technological aspect. What’s missing is the drive to want to use technology to fan that once great flame. Instead of asking why an OS can’t use a printer, why no ask “Why don’t we land on the Moon again”?

Main source video:

This work was installed at The Franklin on May 23rd, 2015 as part of S A T E L L I T E S, a show curated by Steven Bridges and Third Object in conjunction with Cosmosis at Hyde Part Art Center. It was a one night only event and featured a large number of installation, performance, print and video work.



Video documentation with source audio:

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