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Cloud MQ-9

This was was recently installed at Fountains Foundation 916 and will be on display throughout the month of March 2014. For more information, please visit the Foundation website HERE>

Curator Leo Salvaggio also interviewed me as part of this project.

Project Description:

As part of my HATCH Projects Residency in 2012-13 I made it a goal to generate new work. Not just explorations of familiar topics, which was bound to occur, but the complete investment in a totally new line of inquiry. In particular I had been interested in the public conversation of UAV, or drone, warfare. As complex a topic as it is, I chose to address certain aspects: general perception as well as what it means for surveillance tactics and technology, a portending of a particular existential state, or even as an extension of my hobby practice of scale modeling. The Fountains Foundation 916 provides yet another opportunity to explore this topic through one of the many facets it presents. Continuing on with modern aviation nomenclature many UAV’s are dubbed with bird-of-prey names, such as “Global Hawk” and even simply “Hunter”, “Predator” and “Reaper”. More recently there has been a Naval-based UAV (yet to be named) that exhibits a startling amount of autonomy, enough to land itself on an aircraft carrier (one of the most difficult maneuvers for trained pilots). With this there is a direct correlation to the event of animals approaching and resting at watering holes. Hence, the swarm of drones drifting over this watering hole, much like predators stalking prey or even vultures circling awaiting in anticipation for leftovers. Drink up.

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